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In order for the drug to start acting, it is necessary to have a natural excitation in men. If a man does not have his erection, then, unfortunately, Zidena will be powerless (as, in fact, its analogues — Viagra, Cialis or their generics).

Getting into the body, the drug reacts with substances responsible for muscle relaxation. As a result, the walls of blood vessels expand, the genital organ begins to receive more blood. From this arise an erection is enhanced for the duration of Sydeny.

Sensitivity during the period of Zidena also increases. Zidena has a toning effect on the male body, which allows during sex to be more hardy, and after reaching orgasm much faster to recover and be ready for repeated sexual intercourse.

Important and the impact of tablets on the psycho-emotional state of men. During the reception of Zidena, patients become more confident, relieve tension, stress, reduced embarrassment. All this is very good for the quality of sex, especially if the causes of erectile dysfunction psychological.

Zidena manual allows the use of two ways. It can be drunk at a time — 50 minutes before sexual intercourse (after 13 hours the drug will cease to operate). For the prevention and treatment of the disease should drink pills regularly. In a year it is possible to carry out two therapeutic courses of 14 days.

According to experts, the daily use of Zidena in a small dose provides a greater health effect compared to a single reception. Often, this tool is used as a preventive during the onset of diseases of the genitourinary system (eg, prostatitis).

Regular use of Zydena prevents the reduction of endothelial muscle function (that is, excessive tone, preventing the relaxation of the walls of blood vessels). Improvement of blood flow in the pelvic organs activates metabolic processes, relieves inflammation, removes toxins.

To summarize: Zydena is the drug is relatively young, but already managed to prove itself well and the doctors and the patients. At a price it is not the cheapest, but shows good results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Judging by the reviews, the tablets are well tolerated and cause side effects much less often than analogues. Contraindications, too, not so many, as have other stimulants. All this suggests that in a short time Zidena will be no less popular than Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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