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Levitra is a popular drug used to improve erectile function. Levitra is manufactured by Bayer in the form of coated tablets. As part of Levitra is the active substance — vardenafil.

Release of Levitra is carried out in three forms: 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg.

Levitra tablets are taken orally at a convenient time for men, regardless of the meal. To achieve the desired result, Levitra medicine can be taken only once a day.

Initially, it is recommended to take 10 mg of Levitra. According to the instructions, Levitra should be taken 25-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, but the effectiveness of Levitra tablets is maintained and when taking funds 4-5 hours before sexual intercourse.

If the components of the apparatus is well tolerated, the dose can be increased to 20 mg. If Levitra poorly tolerated, the dose should be reduced to 5 mg. To achieve the desired effect required sexual stimulation. Levitra tablets are not a medicine for the treatment of erection problems, they only temporarily improve it. After the termination of the pill positive effect is also being phased out. For elderly men, adjustment of the dosage of the drug is not required.

Levitra compared to Viagra and Cialis is the most safe for beginners. Before taking Levitra, it is best not to eat much and not to drink, otherwise the effect of the drug will slightly decrease.

Reviews on the medicine Levitra positive. In the reports of Bayer, published officially by the company, more than 85% of the participants of the experiment noted a positive effect after taking Levitra tablets. Network men and their female partners also reported a positive effect of receiving the funds. Among the advantages of Levitra tablets note their reasonable price and the rapid achievement of the desired effect.

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