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Any man can face the problem of erectile dysfunction, which can be provoked by various factors. Most often problems with potency occur in representatives of the stronger sex in old age. This is caused by the fact that after 50 years, the internal organs begin to change. However, this is no reason to give up a full sexual life.

Today released a lot of medicines that can help men establish sexual life. The most common of them is Vardenafil, which helps to restore erectile function at any age.

Vardenafil have to make sure the instructions for use to avoid adverse reactions from the body. Vardenafil belongs to the latest generation of drugs and has a strong and effective action of the fifth type. Studies have found that it blocks PDE-5. This allows you to achieve quite good results, while there is no need for large dosages. Unlike most drugs, the drug has virtually no side effects.

The effect of the drug begins only if the man has a sexual attraction to the partner. If it is absent, the drug will be completely useless. This is due to the fact that nitric oxide begins to activate guanylate cyclase, only with sexual desire. It acts as the main catalyst for the chemical reaction.

After that, enzymes begin to act on the internal muscles of the body, improve blood circulation. Increases the flow of blood fluid into the genital organ and the man has a persistent and prolonged erection.

The dosage of Vardenafil is determined depending on the stage of erectile dysfunction. Experts believe the most optimal dosage of 10 and 20 mg. the Effect of Vardenafil is noticeable after 10 minutes, and after half an hour in the body there is its full concentration, and the person is already capable of normal sexual contact. The result from the action of Vardenafil is observed up to 12 hours.

Taking Vardenafil should be 30 minutes before intimacy, it is enough to drink a small amount of water. The drug is well seated by the body and does not disrupt its work. At the end of the action is excreted through urine or bowel emptying.

Vardenafil is widespread and very popular, so it is sold in almost all pharmacies of the country. Also, in the absence of it in the store, you can buy the tool in the online pharmacies. The drug Vardenafil sold under the trade name Levitra.

Most men show up on Vardenafil as the most effective compared to others. However, most believe that the cost is highly inflated. Also note that Vardenafil has virtually no side effects, if you strictly follow the instructions.

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