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Failures in sexual life is a severe psychological trauma for any man, especially if a person notices that the erection began to disappear systematically. The reasons for such dysfunction are many, today doctors do not undertake with absolute certainty to diagnose impotence. Violations can cause thousands of factors: tiring physical and mental labor, severe trauma and systematic neurosis, deterioration of the heart muscle and vascular diseases, disorders of the peripheral and Central nervous system and a countless number of reasons. Roughly speaking, in the conditions of modern working and life rhythm, taking into account adverse environmental conditions, erectile dysfunction can become a problem for every man.

Doctors have long been watching such a disappointing trend, and work on the development of special drugs is ongoing. Today, there are several truly effective drugs, the main factor of success is the use of a unique active substance that has a persistent positive effect on the function of the penis, but does not worsen health. One of the substances of the last generation is udenafil. This component is a selective inhibitor of PDE-5, which prevents the rapid disintegration of cGMP in the vessels of the penis. It is an effective substance the main ingredient of such known preparation as Zydena and a number of similar samples.

What is the reason for the widespread popularity of drugs containing udenafil? The main feature of this drug is that it does not stimulate the flow of artificial blood to the cavernous body of the genital organ, but rather on the contrary – eliminates the difficulties for natural erection in sexual arousal. The action of the drug Zydena is not aggressive, the main task of the active component – the relaxation of the walls of blood vessels and an obstacle to its rapid extinction. This relaxation of blood vessels always occurs when excited by the action of nitric oxide released by the body into the blood, udenafil simply enhances the natural effect.

In simple words, the action of such drugs can be described as follows: they strengthen and stabilize the natural processes in the human body, stimulate an erection, increasing the duration of sexual intercourse. And, importantly Zydena and analogues act only during sexual arousal.

At the same time, this type of drugs, unlike some other types of drugs, does not affect blood pressure, visual acuity, color recognition. Although the main component of udenafil is a reverse inhibitor, its action is not similar to the correctors FDE-6, which cause increased eye pressure, pupil dilation and visual impairment.

Also, clinical trials confirm that such means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction do not affect the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of sperm.

For optimal results, right before sexual intercourse is taken Zydena: instruction States that the effect comes in half an hour and lasts about a day. The effect is manifested only during sexual arousal, the intensity and duration of erections sufficient for successful completion of sexual intercourse.

Today, professional suppliers sell analogues of the drug Zydena you can buy them in a pharmacy or online pharmacy. Products such as generic is the same effective selective inhibitor as Zydena; the price of analogues is more affordable.

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