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A modern man wants to feel confident every day. Many drugs to increase potency are ineffective or have a lot of side effects. Thanks to long-term research scientists emerged innovative drug Avanafil. What is unique about this tool? How and when can it be used? Are there any contraindications to the use of Avanafil?

Most men over 45 years of age periodically face the problem of erectile dysfunction. To apply many of the drugs becomes undesirable, it can produce undesirable side effects that can aggravate other health problems.

Avanafil is drug that does not have a negative impact on the body, but at the same time effectively maintains potency.

To understand why the reviews on the use of Avanafil so positive, you need to understand how this drug works.

The penis increases at the time of sexual arousal by filling the cavernous bodies of the body with blood. However, in moments without arousal this does not occur. Why? The process is controlled by a special connection, an enzyme-specific phosphodiesterase 5-th type.

This enzyme is contained in the body of every man. Here only those who are suffering from impotence, it is almost always the same. In healthy men at the moment of excitation there is a blocking of this enzyme and it neutralized, which makes it possible erection and sexual intercourse.

In erectile disorders is not blocking this enzyme. Avanafil is aimed at temporary artificial blocking of this compound. As a result, there is an erection, and the man does not feel discomfort.

Avanafil is a drug of the second generation. This means that the use of this drug side effects do not occur almost never. In addition, the medicine has a faster and more delicate effect on the male body.

Avanafil begins to function fully after 10-15 minutes after taking the pill. For comparison, the drugs of the previous generation gave effect only after 30-40 minutes. Very nice, despite this rapid effect, so carefully affects the whole body.

The disadvantages of Avanafil include the fact that the duration of exposure to the drug is relatively small. It reaches only 6 hours from the moment of taking the pill. Although some other drugs to increase potency are 6 times longer, a short period can also be considered an advantage. This is relevant for those who suffer from any problems with the cardiovascular system. Due to the rapid removal of the drug from the body, blood vessels and the heart are exposed to minimal impact.

Apply Avanafil, instructions on the use of which is in each package, you can after a careful study of indications and contraindications. Some do not like the cost of the drug, but few know that there is a generic Stendra .

Avanafil has been successfully used by men in many countries, but we have not carried out its certification. This is a full-fledged analogue, which is very small in the medical market. Although you can not buy a stand in a regular pharmacy, it can be ordered by direct delivery from abroad.

Stendra has the same advantages as Avanafil. An Indian company has released another effective drug, identical in composition with the addition of a vitamin complex.

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