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Drugs with Tadalafil represented in the extensive range, which, perhaps, no other means to strengthen the erection. In addition to the original drug Cialis with a dosage of 2.5, 5 or 20 mg created many generics that differ from it not only lower cost, but also some other parameters.

The above preparations containing Tadalafil belong to the category of generics, that is, to exact copies of the original drug. However, they do not actually differ from it in time of action, speed of assimilation and other characteristics.

The main feature of Tadalafil is a very long duration of the effect. If other compounds, including sildenafil, increase sexual activity for 6-8 hours, then tadalafil turns an ordinary man into a giant of sensual and long-lasting sex for 36 hours! At the same time, it acts as a selective selective inhibitor of PDE 5 – promotes the expansion of blood vessels filling cavernous (spongy) formations in the genital organs.

Having drunk only one tablet with a standard dose of Tadalafil, a man may not be afraid of an erection in the wrong place and at the wrong time, because the compound begins to "work" only with the presence of natural sexual arousal.

Original drug, and synonyms means cialis instructions for use recommends the use of men under permanent or periodic problems with erection. However, it will be useful also to those who wished to improve quality of sex, without having thus any problems with emergence of excitement.

Any remedy with Tadalafil is recommended to be taken strictly according to the instructions given by the doctor or specified in the attachment to the tablets. The optimal dosage is selected for each man individually, and the initial recommended dose is 20 mg of the active compound.

Take tablets-generics Tadalafil, the price of which is much lower than the original, it is necessary in accordance with the dosage form: tablets wrapped with a glass of water, and tablets-soft dissolve under the tongue.

Like other inhibitors fosfodiesterazy Tadalafil side effects, theoretically could trigger. However, this compound has a very low incidence of adverse symptoms such as hot flashes, dizziness, palpitations or changes in color perception.

You can get an overdose of Tadalafil if you take pills more often than once a day, or if you take too many doses of the drug. Symptoms of overdose are pain in the neck and back, bleeding from the nose, an increase or a sharp decrease in blood PRESSURE, fainting. The appearance of such symptoms should be a signal to see a doctor.

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